Colorful and Customizable Animated Characters

Meet the newest members of your team


What story do you want to tell today?

We are Huemans, Customizable character animation at your fingertips


Expertly Crafted

A unique gift for customers & clients, bring your Hueman to life with our 3d printing app.


Lovingly created, versatile characters for your promotional, educational or commercial video.

Modular Character Animation

Easily connect together different clips, cycles, and transitions in any order your like.

Easy to use
High Quality Animation
For Adobe After Effects
Endless possibilities

Design Your Own Character

Choose from different clothes hair and accessories

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Fun and Appealing character design

Add an engaging character to your presentations or promos, and bring an extra level of connection with your audience, let your Hueman guide them through.

Completely Customizable

Change any element of your characters appearance with easy to use controls, choose custom colors, add accessories, clothing and even your branding or logo to your Hueman’s apparel.

Loaded With Power

Packed with extra goodies to allow the creation of feature rich content. Use your Hueman animation with the included icons, glyphs and type presets to build eye catching, professional animated videos.